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Greetings and Welcome to Momma Bird's Cafe!!!


There's a lot goin' on here at the Café, so pull up one of Momma's Manzanita perches and have a look around. 

If you're feeling a touch peckish, fly on over to the Bread Board to order up all the fixin's to bake up a fresh loaf of my famous birdie bread.

 If you want some of the best baking tips east and west of the Mississippi, flap on Momma Knows Best

Hoping to hook-up with birds of a feather? Pop into the Chirp Room and listen in on the talk of the flock about Momma Bird’s Birdie Bread. 

Looking for love-birds in all the wrong places? Check out all the wonderful links to quality bird resources we've listed at On the Wire

Can't spend another sleepless night wondering about my fabulous life?  Pull up all the dish at About Momma

And if you're dying to tell me what you think about the food and service here at the Café,  just flap your wings and drop me a note in the box marked Talk to Momma.

Please don't fly away before visiting Momma's Talk-of-the-Flock, beak-selected, im-PECK-able Toys-4-U Shoppe -- a Treasure Chest of Toys guaranteed to stimulate and educate!

And finally, give your bird's feet a treat with Momma's Manzanita Perches and Playstands harvested from my very own Manzanita grove in Northern California!!